The queen had her horrible year a while ago

America, on the other hand, has just experienced its worse year ever. The scary news is that we have three more horrible years ahead. Even if Trump gets impeached as he deserves to, we then have Pence. And if Pence falls, we get Ryan.

How the hell are we supposed to celebrate a new year when our country is in the hands of a pussy grabbing racist who is only out to make money for his family and rich friends while metaphorically raising his middle finger – small though it might be – to all the silly people who believed Continue reading →


Newt Gingrich

This man is living proof that no matter how big your head is, it doesn’t necessarily correlate to a larger brain and greater intelligence. He’s a shyster snake oil salesman who, if we are lucky, will make the kind of remarks throughout this coming year that will put the final nail in the coffin of whatever it is that is currently pretending to be the Republican Party. Continue reading →


Scandal at the Miss America Pageant

Why is everyone shocked that executives of the Miss America Pageant have been accused of misogynistic behavior, with demands from former winners and contestants that they resign? This is a contest based on a woman’s looks and bra size and ass jiggle. This is a contest that parades women around in tiny bikinis and high heels and calls it the fitness portion of the competition. What kind of men do people think this would attract? Well, the answer to that is it attracts men like the current POS sullying the White House who admits to pussy grabbing and walking into Continue reading →



The deficit doesn’t matter when it comes to giving the rich a huge tax break that will increase our debt by trillions of dollars. But we don’t have enough money to adequately fund children’s health care because of that deficit.

Somewhere out there, the Baby Jesus is weeping over how Republican Christians have bastardized the message he came to earth to deliver.

Yeah, merry Christmas… unless you’re a poor kid. Then Bah! Humbug! Continue reading →

Columns 2017

We are failing the mentally ill

An article appeared in the ADN a few weeks ago reporting on the findings of a jury that Alaska’s Department of Corrections was at fault for the suicide of a mentally ill inmate. In and of itself, that’s a tragedy. But a simple sentence found in the middle of the article may actually be describing an equally appalling tragedy. That sentence reads, “The Department of Corrections is the largest mental health provider in the state.”

I know how we got here. Way back when the mentally ill were warehoused in huge facilities, the powers that be decided to close those Continue reading →


a picture to warm the heart

I don’t know about you but I found that picture of all those rich white people congratulating themselves on creating a massive tax break for themselves and their rich friends absolutely heartwarming. It’s nice to know they’ll have a happy Christmas.
And that medical program for kids we now can’t afford? Well, what do those greedy little bastards want? I mean, if they needed health care, they should have been born rich or gotten a job. The rich shouldn’t have to suffer because of them. Isn’t that the true message of Christmas?
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I don’t know about you but…

I feel so much better now knowing rich people will get richer and not have to give up their private islands thanks to the Republican tax bill. I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights I spend worrying that they wouldn’t be able to shop from the Neiman Marcus catalog this year.

I’m starting to feel as though we are sliding down a hill that leads to a French revolution in our streets. And I’m not sure but I wouldn’t be in the front of the line at this point.

Republicans are one helluva greedy, despicable bunch. And this time, Continue reading →


Oh dear lord!

The white trash from Wasilla is once again giving hillbillies a bad name. Those of us who call Alaska home apologize profusely but let’s remember that we aren’t the ones who put her on the national stage. Continue reading →


How is it possible?

How is it possible to raise three self-centered, useless users of air to become the POS people Don, Jr., Eric and Ivanka are? You would think that statistics alone would suggest one would turn out decent. But no. They are all the type of people that caused the French Revolution. Personally, I’m ready for a revolution. It would beat hell out of another year of privileged assholes raping and plundering our country of its assets and dignity. Continue reading →