Why I won’t shop anymore at Sears

Because their computer system is older than dirt and every time I go there they tell me I don’t own my e-mail address even though it’s the same one I’ve had for twenty years. Then they tell me they fixed it and that lasts until I try to make my next purchase one department over and they give me the same run around.

Then there is the fun delivery system. They call you and give you a number to call if the time they’ve set to arrive isn’t convenient. So you call and reschedule and they still show up at the original time and then cop an attitude when your not available and claim that they NEVER told you they changed the delivery time and if someone did, they were wrong. Then they leave a number for you to call back again and you call the number and it’s some guy’s phone and he doesn’t answer but you get a message saying that he doesn’t have a mailbox set up so you can’t leave a message. So you call the 800 number back and they give you the royal run around about not being able to reschedule for another week… until, that is, you suggest they take their damn bike back and put it where the sun doesn’t shine. At that point, they surprisingly find time to deliver it later the same day… you’ll just have to sit home all day because they can’t even give you the vaguest of ideas about whether it will be delivered in the morning or afternoon or at midnight.And the delivery guy who calls you back to confirm they will arrive sometime between 8 AM and midnight has an attitude about how you are apparently inconveniencing him.

Sears sucks.