For God’s sake

Let’s get something straight from the start. I see nothing wrong in posting the Ten Commandments in a classroom – any classroom – though I would not want to be the teacher explaining to a kindergartner why they can’t covet their neighbor’s wife. While these commandments do not represent every culture in any given classroom anywhere in America, they do represent the general gist that most cultures provide in one manner or another on living together as a community in peace.

The Ten Commandments are not civil law except for a couple. If they were all the law, one of Continue reading →


AI bots, politicians… who can tell the difference?

AI is in the news a lot nowadays. It’s viewed as the second coming by some. I’m not one of them. In fact, I think the initials AI, which when pronounced properly sound like a scream, are most appropriate for it. Every time I encounter it, I want to scream.

It seems that recently I encounter it more and more. Every time I call a company for service, AI answers.  And if it isn’t AI making me scream, then what the hell is on the other end of the phone? It certainly isn’t human.

It’s not very far into these Continue reading →


Campus Awakenings

I’ll admit it. When I came to Alaska in 1972, I was a flaming hippie with an unbelievably big and unruly Afro. Yep, I was doing cultural appropriation long before anyone had even put those words together. I came here from a world of unrest in America. Campuses around the country had erupted in the sixties in protest of the Viet Nam war and support of the civil rights movement. Despite being in a very conservative Catholic women’s college, I managed to participate in a lot of the activities of the sixties.

But then something seemed to happen in America. Continue reading →


Be nice to poll workers

Voting by mail is easy. All you need to do is mark your choice and stick the ballot in a mailbox or drop box. Easy-peasy.

Of course, you can also go vote in person on election day if you are willing to risk what has become a scary task. Given all the grief and threats that election workers now face, I’m surprised there are any left who are willing to risk life, limb, and reputation to keep America a freely voting nation.

Maybe it’s because I’m old and was raised in a day and age when going to vote was Continue reading →


Anchorage needs ranked choice voting

So, this is for newcomers to Anchorage. Yes, we do a lot of strange things. We wear shorts while there is still snow on the ground and insist if it’s April, it must be spring. We pull out more fishing gear from our garages than is seen in most 3rd world countries. And we hold elections in the spring.

Why, you may reasonably ask, do we do that? Well, if I remember rightly, Anchorage had a big discussion about how its elections were lost in the furor of state and national elections held in the fall. So, local elections Continue reading →


Trump as American dictator

Despite my feelings about Donald Trump, I do believe that our democracy is the best form of government we can have. And voting is critical to that government surviving. So, if he’s your candidate – the person you think can solve the problems we face today in a way acceptable to you, then go for it. And if, instead, Biden holds the values closest to your own, then vote for him. Just get out there and vote. It’s what has made America great.

But when I see interviews with Trump supporters who express that they are comfortable with his statement Continue reading →


Does Alaska even have a future?

I came to Alaska over 50 years ago when the phrase North to Alaska meant adventure, excitement, a taste of the old West in what was then modern-day America. Turns out, much to my surprise given that I loved living in Brooklyn, Alaska was my future. I’m guessing there aren’t many people today who feel that way anymore once they arrive here.

We seem to have blown our pipeline money on every common sense or ridiculous scheme anyone proposed back in the day when the money seemed never ending. But it did end. And given that we have a legislature Continue reading →


The half million dollar toilet

Let’s talk toilets. Yep. That’s the topic with your morning coffee today. Toilets.

I’m guessing anyone who reads this while sipping their morning latte is well aware of how critical a toilet can be soon after that coffee goes down. So, the idea of having clean, fairly sanitary toilets for public use as opposed to the infamous porta-toilets we have all known and loved since our first band concert makes sense. As someone who has traveled to most 3rd world countries in Asia and Africa, I can’t emphasize enough how important public restrooms can be. Especially the kind that Continue reading →


Peace, love and pot were simply not enough

When I was ten years old, the year 2024 seemed forever away. It was a time and place for Star Trek or Star Wars but not for someone relatively normal like me. (I am sticking to the idea that I was a relatively normal kid no matter what anyone from my childhood says.)

While I’m going to assume that there was some part of me that knew outer space would not yet be populated with Americans going warp speed somewhere else, there was also a part of me that never imagined America would become a different country – one in Continue reading →


The pain of abuse

It’s hard to describe what it feels like to relive the pain. Not the pain of being hit. After a while, abuse becomes just another part of life, pain you learn to live with. No, it’s very much more the pain of feeling so alone and vulnerable. You’re hurt, crying, and scared. And there is no one to protect you. The other women are just as scared. Even if you run to their house, there is every chance he will follow you there and then they will be potential victims too. As for the men, while they may try to Continue reading →