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I think my dog is part cat


BuddhaBubba gets up in the morning long enough to get her pain pill. I turn the heating blanket on under her bed and she goes right back to sleep. About two hours later, after everyone else has gone downstairs to my office to get some work done, I hear her race madly across the floor upstairs. She doesn’t go anywhere. Just apparently jumps up off the bed and runs through the kitchen and living room. If I go upstairs to see what’s happening, I usually find her standing by the counter in the kitchen looking shocked, shocked I say, that her food dish is nowhere to be found… and her brother and that annoying other little dog are also missing. And so is that big person with thumbs who cuts up the chicken for her. We go through the same thing at night before she goes to bed. She’ll wander through the living room, kitchen and dining room looking for god knows what. Suddenly, she’ll go from just pacing to racing madly… well, as madly as she can at this point in her life… around the entire second floor. She’ll see me or one of the other dogs, stop as though astounded others live here, and then take off again. About five minutes later, I’ll find her in her bed snoring.

Maybe those pain pills are making her just a little happier than I expected. Can dogs hallucinate?.