When I was young

I remember when I was young and watching Sandra Dee and Annette Funicello movies (everyone under sixty will just need to look up that reference), I dreamed of the day when two guys would fight over me to win my affection. It never happened. But now in my old age, at a time when I really don’t need this crap, I wake up at 3 AM to the sounds of soft growling in my ears. One dog is laying practically on my head. The other is curled up into my side. And yet, without moving, without shifting position, without even actually being able to see each other, they lay there growling at each other over me.

Finally, two males who want me only for themselves.

This would be so much more flattering if their desire wasn’t based on the food, treats, stuffed animals and walks I give them. Hmmm…. maybe that’s what I should have tried with their human counterparts…