Sigh… one more time with feeling

I ordered a mailbox from the lower 48 because I wanted a bird box. You can imagine how thrilled I was to get a deal with free shipping. Free shipping, that is, until I got this e-mail from the company. And do take note of how much they want to charge to ship a mailbox to Alaska!

“We can only offer free shipping on items shipped within the continental US.  An additional shipping cost of $111.00 is necessary to ship the Parrot Novelty Mailbox to your location.  Please note the shipping costs are transit costs only; payment of additional duties, taxes, or customs fee may be required upon delivery of your order.  Please get back to us with consent to process the charge or an agreement to cancel the order.

Thank you.

Lupe Barragan

The Mailbox Works

1734 Quincy Avenue, Suite 151, Naperville, IL 60540

Toll Free: 800.824.9985 | Local: 630.355.9989 | Fax: 630.355.9619”

This was my response.

Thank you for your note but I’m a bit confused. If you offer free shipping within the continental USA, then why is it not available to me? What continent do you think Alaska is on? Believe it or not, we share the same continent as the rest of the country except for Hawaii so I expect that my shipping costs will be the same as everywhere else in the continental US.

Elise Patkotak

Can’t wait to hear back from them.