I guess I need to count my other blessings

I’m not sure there is anyone in the history of the world who has had less luck, whether it be in a casino at a slot machine or buying a raffle ticket. The one time I left Vegas with more than I’d arrived with, I got home and my hot water heater exploded. Cost me three times what I thought I’d won.

While visiting my sister in Atlantic City, I played the slots one night and might as well have just handed my money to the cashier and gone for a sub. The casino got it all anyway. And tonight I will be staying at a casino in California. There goes another $40 down the drain.

The only way I handle this great streak of losing is by reminding myself that I have so much to be grateful for in my life that many losing at gambling is the price I pay. But really god, I couldn’t hit the jackpot just once without some concomitant disaster happening at home? Would that really be so terrible?