Let me see if I have this straight

According to the transcripts from a lawsuit in which Donald Trump was deposed, aside from proving what some of us already knew about what an asshole he is, he also apparently gave us a glimpse into his version of finance. In his world, he evaluates his worth based on how he’s feeling on any given day about the world in general. So a property he valued at $80 million one year, suddenly was worth $150 milllion based on how he was feeling about it the next year. No appraisal needed. Now we know how he manages to claim he’s worth billions more than he actually is. He uses the time honored process of “feeling finances”.

I’d like to take this opportunity to officially notify the City of Anchorage that I feel my house is worth much less this year than last year so they need to adjust my property taxes based on my “feeling finances” method of gauging the value of anything. In fact, I’m feeling like it’s worth so much less, my taxes should be zero.  Please don’t even bother sending someone out here to appraise it. The appraisal is not as important as my feelings about the property.