I so want to like her?

I would really like to be able to see a woman sworn in as president before I die. There aren’t many years left for me to realize that dream and so I want to like Hillary Clinton and be able to forcefully support her. So why can’t I like her? Why can’t I get past thinking she’s a machine with a dream and that dream will take precedence over all else? I can even get behind seeing Bill back at the White House. If there was ever a man meant to be the First Gentleman and stand around and look pretty and entertain other pretty people, it has got to be him.

So what can’t I get enthused about her? Why can’t she pretend to be human at least a little of the time? Why does she look like she buys her pants suits off the rack in the same place I’d shop? And trust me, that is NOT a complement as anyone who has experienced my sartorial taste will attest.