A real home visit… maybe not

So it turns out I should have read the material for this trip a little closer. It seems the home stay in Cambodia is not a guest house. It’s literally someone’s home. Someone’s home in which all twelve of us plus the guide and driver sleep in one room on the floor with mosquito nets, no electricity and… well, need I go on. I played my little old lady with diabetes card and the very nice guide is booking me into a nearby hotel while apologizing for the possibility that it might cost as much as $45 more for the night. Meanwhile, I told my sister I didn’t want to deprive her of the experience and she should go with the group. She insisted on coming with me to make sure I was ok… she’d be checking that I was ok from her own room,of course. Like I believe that’s the real reason for even a second.

Other than that, trip is amazing, Angkor Wat and the other temples are mind boggling and the people and food as warm, gracious and wonderful as anyone could want. Now about that 4000 percent humidity…