Sadly, my first day in Luang Prabang was the last day I was outside in Laos


Ok. I guess it was inevitable. I’ve spent the day in bed with Montezuma’s revenge. Since I leave day after tomorrow, I am being very cautious since this is not an illness to have when you are facing over 24 hours of flying. But if you’re going to be sick, this is the place to be. Staff swarmed all over me when I came back from the museum looking white and ready to pass out

The ladies got me undressed, offered a bed bath to cool me and then sat quietly in the room until they were sure I was ok. Then they opened the curtains so they could keep on checking on me. And like they knew when I needed it, a pot of chamomile tea appeared. It started last night and that was also interesting. I went into the bathroom and my trash can kept shaking and making noise. It is a tribute to how sick I was that I did not jump up and run out screaming. But then, if I had, I might have accidentally stepped on the slug crawling across the bathroom floor. Yep, and I think the black circles under my eyes are god’s way of telling me my travels in steamy hot Third World countries have ended. Glad I saw them before I got old.

To keep my spirits up, my sister took this picture for me. Love of dogs is clearly universal.