Alaska Quarterly Review

“It remains one of our best, and most imaginative, literary magazines.” ——Michael Dirda, The New York Review of Books
Editorial Offices Ronald Spatz, Editor
Alaska literary giants lead the celebration of Alaska Quarterly Review ‘s 33 years of continuous publication with its 2015 Fall & Winter issue.
The edition’s exclusive special feature is “They Were My People” by Alaska’s Pulitzer Prize and Grammy-winning composer John Luther Adams. In this 80-page selection from his upcoming memoir Silences So Deep: A Memoir of Music and Alaska, John Luther Adams writes about his music and deep friendship with conductor and composer Gordon Wright and poet John Haines. They were for him “larger-than-life figures” and “the embodiment of Alaska.” Filling out the book are 4 compelling personal essays including “Man of Letters” by Alaskan essayist and poet Eva Saulitis; 9 powerful short stories; and a stellar collection of poetry by 25 poets.
Gordon Brooks Wright (1934-2007) was a unique and acclaimed Alaskan composer, symphony conductor, music professor, writer and environmentalist. John Mead Haines (1924 –2011) was Alaska’s greatest poet recognized by a lifetime achievement award from the Library of Congress. Composer John Luther Adam is Alaska’s sole Pulitzer Prize winner and his deep friendship and these with these two Alaskan giants of music and letters (and the music that came from it) is shared in Alaska Quarterly Review’s publication of Adam’s memoir “They Were My People.”
The program includes commentary and readings by Susan Dererra, Ronald Spatz, Alyse Knorr, and Gary Holthaus, and chamber music featuring Anchorage Symphony Orchestra musicians Nathaniel Berry (violin), Katie Wasko (violin), Koree Guzman (viola), and Jon Genziano (cello) performing pieces by Beethoven, John Luther Adams, Samuel Barber, and Mozart.
For more information contact Ronald Spatz at 907-333-4779 or ([email protected]).
EVENT: Alaska Quarterly Review Publication Celebration Reading and Concert
DATE: Friday, November 20
PLACE: Blue Hollomon Gallery
TIME: 7:00 PM
COST: Free and open to the public. Suggested donation is $20.