How I handle earthquakes

I was in bed when last night’s earthquake hit. Being a true Alaskan, I spent the first part of it lying in bed and expecting it to be over quickly. Then the house started to roll and I thought, hmmm…. maybe this isn’t just a regular little quake. Then Carm woke up and that meant it had to be bad. He’s getting older and it takes a lot to wake him up at night – or in the morning for that matter.

So I jumped out of bed and put clothes on because, due to my Catholic upbringing, I know it’s worse to be outside with just panties on than it is to die in an earthquake. Now the dogs were sitting up on the bed looking at me to make their world stop shaking. That’s about when the pictures and knick knacks started falling. And all I could think was to get under a doorway. The birds had their cages to protect them. I had to get the dogs under the doorway with me. And that went over about as well as you would expect with one crazed lady and two shaking dogs. It was like trying to herd cats. By the time I had managed to grab them both without dropping either one, the quake was over.

I thought about checking for damage and decided to just go back to bed. Since I didn’t smell a gas leak or hear sirens outside, I figured it could wait until morning. The fallen plants were unamused by this decision.