I lost my little buddy

My Amazon parrot Captain and I have been together for 38 years. I found him dead in his cage yesterday. He waited for me to come home from my trip and died the next day. As soon as the Geek Squad gets here and figures out why my scanner and computer stopped speaking to each other, I’ll scan in the best picture I have of him. He was not the friendliest of birds. He had a very definite personality that mostly said he would accept you only on his terms. But I loved how feisty he was. I loved how he met the world on his terms. He spent the last years of his life trying to take off our vet Dr. Nicholson’s fingers when he went in for his beaky/pedi. I always thought he’d stay around until he had succeeded in removing at least one of them.

I love you, Captain. Fly free. Say hi to Adeline and Morris and Kenya and Lovey and Mr. T. I can’t wait to join you over that Rainbow Bridge. The world is getting lonelier and lonelier and I long to be reunited with all my beautiful birds and dogs in a place where none of us will ever again be sick or get old.