It always feels good

I voted yesterday. I walked into a public building, entered a private booth and cast my ballot. No one watched me. No one had the right to know how I voted. No one harassed or intimidated me as I went to vote. And no one would rain political repercussions down on me for the way I voted.

And that, folks, is what makes America so great and the Orange Man so frightening. He would take it all away.

And BTW, quick civics lesson… thank you Salesian nuns for teaching us these valuable lessons in being American… each state runs each own election. Trying to rig a national election would mean organizing in 50 different states for at least 50 different methods of voting while half or more of those states are run by Republican governors who are probably not fixing it in Hillary’s favor. So get over this rigged crap. He’s losing because he is a bad candidate saying bad things. He lost this race. No one had to rig it.