Fair warning

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving but my post is anything but a Thanksgiving post. It’s about my trip in Germany to a concentration camp. It’s about things we need to remember so that we never allow them to be repeated. It’s about the fact that once we are dead and our flesh has rotted, what’s left behind is indistinguishable based on race, religion or skin color.

We must never let the racists and haters win. Orangeman is surrounding himself with them. Oppose him every chance you get in every forum you can find.

His failure will be America’s success.

One thought on “Fair warning”

  1. Royce Alden says:

    Dear Elise; I have long held the idea that if God and the Devil changed jobs for the day, the forces of the job would pretty much mold them to the tasks at hand. I think the meeting between Mr. Trump and Mr. Obama took so long, because Mr. Trump keep exclaiming, “You’re kidding me!!!”. So now we watch daily in amazement at the actual evolution of businessman into president, a terrifying picture but I think he might actually accidentally do some good. Still not a fan, but willing to stand by in case something astonishing happens.

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