Finally going back to where I belong

Don’t know what it is about being an Alaskan, but when I finally get on that Alaska Airlines plane and it heads north, I know I am finally going to where I belong. I really shouldn’t ever leave it for three weeks. I miss my little family. I miss the cold, crisp air. I miss the drivers who think turn signals are for sissies. I miss Korean VIP. I miss curling up in bed at night with my babies by my side, all snuggled in and warm while I play Words With Friends. Fingers crossed that my little family may soon expand by one more. Given all the sausage I ate on my trip, I think my lap will easily accommodate three.

2 thoughts on “Finally going back to where I belong”

  1. Angie Callister says:

    Safe trip, Elise!!! Jeff and I are so sorry we didn’t exchange info before we left. We ended up spending all of Saturday with my cousin visiting where my father had grown up…So glad we got to meet and share memories and laughter!! Angie Callister

    1. Elise Patkotak says:

      Please send me an email at [email protected] so I can respond more privately. Loved meeting you both. You made the trip even more fun.

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