Happy Birthday, Grace

Today my friend Grace becomes officially very old. I, of course, am younger than her by almost a full two months so I’m not officially very old yet. Grace and I have been friends since we were 3 years old growing up next door to each other. Which makes it even funnier when we get into conversations now and instead of talking boys or kids, we talk about our latest doctor visits and which parts of our bodies are, or are not, falling apart.

Grace now has a wandering toe issue. I have a wandering endocrine system. We all have our own moments in health, right?

I remember when we were young how jealous I was that Grace reached every landmark before me… the onset of menses, a driver’s license, age to drink, age to vote… yep, she had me beat in all those categories. Now that we’re old, I’m very happy to allow her to reach the old age milestones ahead of me so I can see what’s coming around the curve at me.

So Happy Birthday, Grace. May we live to share many more tales of life, liberty and the pursuit of the perfect Dr. Scholl’s foot pad.