I don’t get it

Republicans have been screaming for over four years about repealing the Affordable Care Act. Yet they now need another year to come up with a plan to do that while trying to salvage the good things in it… like coverage even for pre-existing conditions. What the hell have they been doing for the past four years? Did they seriously spend all that time bitching about something without trying to figure out a plan to fix it? Or are their brains so small they couldn’t handle two things at once… abolishing one plan while replacing it with another.

Assholes. Idiots. No, wait. That’s just insulting to assholes and idiots.

One thought on “I don’t get it”

  1. joyce fonash says:

    More and more it seems like the dog really did catch the bus. Bitching is easy, even fun but doing the work is very, very different and it will be interesting to see what happens. It’s easy to throw stones but building something, like a wall, let’s say, is a lot harder. Successful policy making is accomplished only if there is an ability to see the full picture of today and the future. It does not come about simply because you can focus on your thumbs flying across a keyboard sending out messages that are ridiculous, mean spirited and irrelevant to the real issues.

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