Is Elizabeth Warren the only Democrat with balls?

While most Democrats remain curled up in quivering balls, afraid to look up for fear they will be slapped down again, Elizabeth Warren emerges as the only Democrat with balls enough to take them on.

I’m still stuck in imagining what the Republicans would be saying and doing if the president were a Democrat doing all these lovely things Orangeman is doing like promoting his daughter’s business using the power of the presidency or if his wife’s only role as First Lady is to sell her jewelry. Unethical and immoral is ok if you are a Republican. Or maybe the Republicans don’t care how much he trashes the institutions and rules that have made America great so long as he continues to sign whatever half-assed bill they send him. And he doesn’t give a crap so long as Putin is happy with him and he can keep his Twitter account.

Does it get any sadder for this country? I don’t think it can but under Orangeman it probably will.

And so tomorrow I am going to Nordstrom’s and buying clothes just to spite that asshole. Please feel free to join me.