What do the NCIS producers have against women?

Is it just me or do the producers of the NCIS franchise have a thing against women? By my count, Gibbs on NCIS lost his first wife to a drug dealer and his second or third (ex) wife to a bullet to the head while he walked with her. DiNozzo lost the mother of his child to a bomb. Director Vance lost his wife to an attack on his house. Kate, the original woman on the team, also died by a gunshot to the head. The female NCIS director, Jenny Shepard, died in a hail of bullets. And now, over at NCIS:LA, Sam Hannah just lost his wife to suffocation after she was kidnapped. And Callan lost his mother when he was just a child. (His dad, of course, mysteriously surfaces ALIVE during the course of the series.) All the male stars on both shows are going strong. Not one dead one among them except for Granger who died from Agent Orange.
I would be seriously worried if I was the wife or female companion of those guys.