An old lady’s official revolt

There is a new commercial running on TV in which a fierce looking grey haired lady intones that she’s heard that at some point women just stop caring about how they look. She then strides out of her apartment looking even fiercer in heels and a face that could cut steel. And while I kind of can understand that some women still take that much effort well into their seventies and eighties, I still find myself wanting to scream at the TV, “Screw you.”

I think there should come a time when a woman can give up high heels, spanks (let’s be real here, they are nothing more than a new century’s re-imagined version of a girdle and long line bra) and pants without an elastic waist. I’ve reached that time.

I’m not saying there aren’t still occasions when at least some of these items might be ok. For instance, dinner at a nice restaurant would probably warrant at least a bra and lipstick. But not lunch. Lunch out should always be casual after a certain age if only so our clothes don’t restrict our breathing after we eat.

Just saying…