The queen had her horrible year a while ago

America, on the other hand, has just experienced its worse year ever. The scary news is that we have three more horrible years ahead. Even if Trump gets impeached as he deserves to, we then have Pence. And if Pence falls, we get Ryan.

How the hell are we supposed to celebrate a new year when our country is in the hands of a pussy grabbing racist who is only out to make money for his family and rich friends while metaphorically raising his middle finger – small though it might be – to all the silly people who believed he would represent their interests and make their lives better.

He was conning you, folks. Conning you big time. He knows nothing of poverty or want. He knows nothing of untreated illness because of no health insurance. He knows nothing of hunger because the money had to go to rent instead of food. He knows nothing of struggling to take care of elderly parents and young children while working full time because he has never worked full time and has no real understanding of family.

What? You think he does understand family? Hmmm… let’s see, where exactly was Baron Trump in that Christmas photo? And where is Tiffany in all those other Christmas photos?

You were duped, America. Duped big time by the biggest liar to ever occupy the White House. And we have three more years to suffer through before we can look to any real relief.

Sad. So very, very sad.