If you are looking for a rant about gun ownership and how it needs to be sensibly regulated, you’re preaching to the choir. But that’s not the real issue. The real issue is how gun regulation can’t get a toehold in Congress despite the overwhelming support of Americans of every political party. I guess most Americans have come to the realization that mass murderers don’t ask for your political affiliation before they shoot you. Being a 2nd Amendment conservative Republican won’t protect you from a bullet.

So if Congress represents us, the people, then how come their position on gun regulation is so far out of whack with that of the vast majority of Americans? Here’s a hint. Think money. Think power. Think the need to reform campaign money way before thinking of reforming current gun laws. The problem isn’t guns. The problem is a Congress bought and paid for by special interests that can’t think past the next donation that will ensure a successful future campaign. So long as the NRA owns more members of Congress than you do, for so long as the NRA can give more money to a campaign based on their “personhood”, for so long will your wishes not matter a crap to the person who supposedly represents you in Congress. That’s just the plain and unvarnished truth.

So you want sensible gun legislation that isn’t dictated by the NRA? The next election, check who is being funded by the NRA and then vote for the other candidate. It’s either that or continue to send your kid off to school in the morning with no guarantee he or she won’t be returned to you in a body bag… courtesy of the NRA.