Really, GOPers?

You are trying to accuse kids who recently saw their classmates shot to death that they have been somehow co-opted by the left. Seriously? You don’t think it might have something to do with hiding in a classroom while watching your teacher get shot to death trying to protect you? You don’t think it might have something to do with the 17 funerals they are attending for their classmates and teachers? You don’t think they might be just a bit pissed that the best you can come up with to protect them is to suggest that concealed carry be allowed on school campuses? Yep, no problem here. Just send a bunch of teenage males with raging testosterone to school armed. What could possibly go wrong?

The right wing of this country has either truly lost its mind or is owned lock, stock and barrel (pun fully intended) by the NRA. Either way, they are simply pathetic at this point. Between trying to defend the POS in the White House so they can keep total power and trying to defend the NRA’s stance that all our gun problems will be solved once we’ve armed every man, woman, child and fetus in America, they truly need to check into a facility that will help them rediscover the reality the rest of us live.

One thought on “Really, GOPers?”

  1. LaVerne H Smith says:

    Well written words that needed to be said.

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