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The house that spit up and diarrhea attacked

My it’s been a fun weekend. Carm spits up liquid at least three times every morning if I don’t feed him enough or wait long enough after feeding him to give him his medicine. And Nayla, who has never found anything on the ground that she did not think was worth a try as something to eat, apparently got something down her gullet that messed her up big time. For three days she didn’t eat. She put out farts that emptied the room of not just me but the other dogs too. Then the liquid started out her butt. And kept coming. And kept coming. And because she’s so sweet that she doesn’t want to wake me at night, she just slips out of bed, goes downstairs and uses the hallway as a substitute outdoors. I have spent the past three mornings cleaning up progressively watery stuff off the floor while she sat on her pillow just looking pathetic. Today, for the first time since this started, she has an appetite and the faucet seems to be turned off in her intestines.
Yep, this is what keeps my life interesting. Oh, who am I kidding, I have no life. Instead, I have dogs and birds. And despite the past few days, I wouldn’t change a thing.