Maybe it’s the name

So Subway Jared is in jail as a pedophile. And soon, fingers crossed, his cellmate will be Jared Kushner.

Seriously, folks. We are expected to believe that Kushner met at the White House with representatives from two major lending institutions who then turned around and gave hundreds of millions in loans to his company. The defense he’s using… excuse me while I urp in my mouth a bit here… is that he has nothing to do with his company since entering White House service.

So based on that reasoning, I’m expected to believe that never once did the thought occur to the representatives of those loan entities that when Jared goes back to private life, he’ll go back to his company. Yep, that thought and the long term potential benefit of those loans never crossed their minds. And I’m sure that Jared never once even obliquely mentioned that.

Please, please someone get this piece of human garbage out of the house the Washington and Lincoln built… and take the trampy wife with him. Let the POS currently sullying the White House find someone other than his daughter to comfort him on those long nights at the White House while Melania stays safely locked in her room as far away from him as possible.