The number is $18 billion

$18 billion – the estimated cost of constructing a wall to keep immigrants out of America or, if this administration continues down its hate filled, pussy grabbing ways, to keep Americans from fleeing to Mexico.

My question is how the wall will effectively increase security on all the tunnels being used from Mexico to the US.  Also, does the POS currently sullying the WH really think that someone in Mexico won’t enjoy the challenge of building a contraption that gets you over the wall and down the other side? Or is that his plan so that border patrol agents can just shoot people like targets as they descend the wall?

Whatever he thinks he is doing, it makes me want to just vomit at the mean-spiritedness of the whole endeavor. We are no longer the shinning city on the hill. We are now the dark pit in the ground that swallows all that is good and decent into its maw. We will spend $18 billion on a wall but have no money for the homeless, the ill and the needy.

And seriously, what happened to the GOP as a party of fiscal conservatives? I guess that only counts when you are planning to spend money on social programs. If the money is going to line the pockets of their greatest donors in the steel, iron, cement and construction industry, then let the deficit spiral upwards as far as it wants.

The GOP motto should be, “We don’t give a hoot about public debt so long as our masters are getting the money they paid for when they paid for us.”

Perhaps most depressing of all, if POS is forced to resign or impeached, we then get the joy of a man who can’t control himself in a room with women unless his wife is there. And then if he goes down, we end up we Paul Ryan, a man who has never met a needy person he didn’t want to kick in the crotch for getting in the way of his limo.

Yep, America. This is what we have become. And again, I feel that need to vomit in an attempt to cleanse myself of the shit this administration has been feeding us for over a year. The people working there can see it. That’s why they are like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

God help us.