If the Anchorage Daily News gets any thinner, it would probably be cheaper for them to just pay someone to go around and tell subscribers what the news is. I understand that they are going through a readjustment but so far, much of the adjustment just stinks. The remnants of their editorial page is just pathetic. Ask Amy anchoring a news or obit page is simply wrong. And why they even bother with the page of national and international news that they hide somewhere amidst the classifieds is just stupid.

C’mon, guys. At a minimum put out some money for a copy editor because the grammatical and spelling errors and editing misses just make reading some pieces very startling as you try to figure out what the writers were trying to say.

Thank god for Charles Wohlforth and Shannyn Moore. The only bright spots in that paper – and they clearly do their own editing since you can usually read them without wincing as some error that an 8th grader should have caught.

One thought on “Seriously”

  1. Dave says:

    It’s just a matter of time and it’ll be gone.

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