This should not be that hard

I read a piece in the paper yesterday… yes, I still read newspapers, even the sad remnant of what used to be the ADN if only for Ask Amy and the comics… anyhow, read an article about dogs and vets. Apparently there are all kinds of categories of what I think of as helper dogs – some are service dogs, some are emotional support dogs, some are mental health dogs, the list goes on. The article discussed the program of training dogs to be with vets with PTSD. Apparently a whole bunch of money is going into funding research into whether or not these dogs actually do what they are purported to do for their service person.

Seriously? You need money to study what dogs can do for humans? And even if the study shows that the dogs aren’t really as “helpful” as thought, what’s the worse that can happen? A rescue dog gets a good home? A vet gets a loving companion?

Anyone who has ever been owned by a furry four footed friend knows that their love is limitless, their adoration of us for merely existing is refreshing to our sense of self and they never, not ever, look at us and think we are anything but the most beautiful, wonderful creature in all of the goddess’ creation. Whatever your emotional or mental health needs, a dog is simply the best thing you can have walking by your side to make you feel good and whole again.

So what’s to study? Don’t we have better things to spend our money on?