Congratulations, Anchorage

Yep, my city done me proud. Voted down Prop 1 or, as I refer to it, the “let’s codify hate” proposition. And they re-elected Ethan Berkowitz. I mean, seriously, is Anchorage becoming an island of blue in a sea of red or what?

As for the people who put forth the hate prop, please go away. Go back to whatever dark hole from a previous century you came from. Go back to a time when your prejudice, ignorance and hate were the norm. They no longer are. People who may or may not call themselves Christians actually do believe in the message Jesus left us about loving one another. He said nothing about ostracizing people who are different. Of course, that may be because Christ was different… a dark skinned, Middle Eastern man who spoke radical ideas of equality without ever mentioning hate or revenge. You might not recognize that description of him because if he showed up in your churches, and specifically in one temple, he would have been viewed with suspicion and turned in to ICE. Oh wait… there was that time with Jesus and the money lenders in the temple. I don’t suppose you have any money lenders in your temple, do you Jerry Prevo?