Just when I thought he couldn’t get much more horrible

So here’s today’s headlines:


  • President Donald Trump reportedly questioned why the CIA had waited for a drone strike target to walk away from his family before killing him.
  • Trump had previously advocated taking out the families of terrorists during his presidential campaign.  

I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised. Family, except of course for Ivanka who he still apparently has hopes of banging one day, means nothing to him. I believe he would throw them under the bus in a heartbeat if it meant saving his own skin. You know that brag he made after the Parkland shooting about how he’d run into a building with an active shooter even if he didn’t have a gun to protect the students… remember that? It’s a big, fat, egotistical brag that has all the gravitas of my claim to enter the Miss America contest next year despite my size and age.

And again the question arises as how all the evangelical Christians still see him as a Christian. Because honestly, I don’t know where in the Bible it says to kill women and children. Of course, it may be in the same place in the Bible where it says to hate the LGBQT community. You’d have to ask Jim Minnery or Jerry Prevo about that. I don’t traffic in hate others.

Please, America, please vote in November and turn both the House and Senate blue so this man no longer has free range to fuck prostitutes, kill kids, destroy our environment and hasten the march to nuclear war.