Conspiracy theorists

So conspiracy theorists – a group in need of a locked facility, psychotropic drugs and therapy – believe that the kids protesting against gun violence after watching 17 of their friends gunned down are actors. And I must seriously ask, “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Conspiracy theorists all sound like they need to get a life – a real life. If they have enough time to dream up these bizarre scenarios where kids watch other kids killed in front of them and then just go back to school like nothing happened, they have time enough to volunteer at a soup kitchen or a shelter. Or to go bowling. Or to do anything that gets them out of their lairs and into the glare of sunlight and reality.

These kids protesting have this silly idea that they have a right to some safety at school that isn’t predicated on a bucket of rocks. They have a right to express their anger over people who value an assault rifle over them. They have a right to expect to live through the school day without it becoming Gunfight at OK Corral.

But conspiracy theorists don’t buy that watching your friend shot to death in bio lab is enough to get you off your butt and demonstrating in the streets. For some reason, they seem to think that it’s just a normal day in school. They believe that the people protesting are paid actors. They believe this despite no evidence, video or otherwise, no sense and no intelligent thought. But then, isn’t that the way they come up with all their theories – toss common sense, logic and evidence to the wind and trust the bloated blowhard on Info Wars scream his obscenities into the camera while bilking you of millions in products he sells that don’t have anymore reality than the theories he peddles.

What a collective group of pathetic idiots.