Hold on, Texas. Thoughts and prayers are coming your way…

Yep, America is now about to embark on another orgy of thoughts and prayers. We won’t do anything about the guns that are destroying us. We won’t do anything to fund schools so they can provide adequate help and counseling to troubled kids. We won’t pay for more community mental health clinics. And god forbid we do anything to piss off the NRA. They might shoot us if we did.

So you know the drill, America. Thoughts and prayers. Tears. Funerals that break your heart. Politicians telling you this is not the time to discuss gun control. The NRA saying shootings should not be politicized. Parents walking by empty bedrooms looking for answers that we can’t give them because Congress has forbidden the CDC from conducting any studies into guns and their influence on the violence in our society.

Enjoy the carnage. It’s what defines America to the rest of the world now.

Have we made America great again yet? How many dead kids will it take to achieve that goal?