Some simple but good advice

I routinely see articles about the POS currently sullying the White House questioning whether or not he might be lying about something. So let me help you with that question. Is his mouth open? Then he’s lying.

See how simple that was. Eliminates the need to do any research on whatever issue he’s lying about. Because you already know the answer. He lies to his wives. He lies to his mistresses. He lies to his lawyers. He lies to his chief of staff. Why would anyone be surprised that he also lies to the American people?

Honestly, if he told us the truth about what he’s doing, we’d all be so horrified we wouldn’t know how to react. His daughter is inking deals in China while he “rescues” their telephone company. His son-in-law gets one of his properties in NYC bailed out with a loan from the Saudis right after dad-in-law gives them weapons and military support for a war we have NOTHING to do with. He goes to Mar A Lago every weekend to golf and charges us through the nose for the privilege. Need I go on?

Yep, if Trump’s mouth is open, he is lying. And he is usually lying to divert attention away from what he’s really doing.. robbing us blind of our dignity, reputation, morals, ethics and assets. Welcome to POS’ America. Are we great again yet?