Anne Coulter is evil incarnate

It was one of those headlines that are so unbelievable that you stop immediately to reread it because you know you couldn’t have read it right the first time. But you did. Anne Coulter has called the children crying and screaming when separated from their parents at the border, “child actors”.

I didn’t think you could sink any lower than the orange slime currently occupying the White House but she has. She has taken the crying pain of little children being separated from their mothers and, in order I’m guessing to keep her high paying job, has called them fake.

Seriously, is this woman human? Does she have any human feelings? Was she ever a little girl herself? What is wrong with her? What job is worth trashing the agony happening at our southern border because she would rather protect a vile and unjustified policy than acknowledge the humanity of the people there?

This administration and its minions have sunk us so low we can no longer even see the sun above the rim of the hole we are now in. I am embarrassed to be an American. I am embarrassed that my congressional delegation is still silent on this atrocity. I am embarrassed that Anne Coulter calls herself a human being. I’d rather not share that with her.