It does not feel the same

The Fourth of July celebration has always been one fairly free of political flavor. After all, it’s America’s birthday and that holiday doesn’t belong to any particular party or group of people.  We celebrate all that America stands for and has always tried to stand for… freedom, tolerance, opportunity… all those things that used to make us so damn proud and special.

Now, it seems as though Orange Goo has destroyed all that was ever good about America and made it harder and harder to be so proud of our heritage. Tolerance… that started to go away the day he made fun of a differently-abled reporter and people laughed. Freedom… tell that to all the people torn from their children and imprisoned for daring to dream of a better life for them and their families.  Opportunity… tell that to all the middle class workers sinking rapidly into the lower class as the rich take their tax break and (try not to be shocked by this) pocket it. Yep, no salary raises. Just another yacht. And god help anyone outside of the upper class who gets sick and needs health care. The Republicans are working their hardest to keep that from you.

So yeah, celebrating American freedom and singular standing in the world has become much more difficult over the past few years. Orange Goo is working hard to make us a mean and miserable country in which only the rich are allowed to have any fun. The rest of us have to work seven days a week to pay for the last virus infection we got while still making the rent. Food will have to come from a food bank this month.

Yep. Goddess bless the America that once was. And may the Goddess destroy those who are trying to make us into something none of us can, or want to, recognize.