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So we’re no longer even trying to hide the selling of America

Thanks to large donations from certain companies that might have a financial stake in the matter, the United States went to a meeting of the World Health Organization and tried to block a resolution urging the international community to encourage breast feeding and stop misleading claims by formula makers that what they sell is better.

That’s right, folks. We are now formally opposed to the idea that breast milk is best for an infant. Given that breast milk is a goddess given attribute, does this mean that America is now formally against the goddess’ choices for us humans? Or do we just not like children because most of them in America today aren’t white? Or is this administration just truly as shitty and mean as we think it is? Seriously, how is Dick Cheney not in a cabinet position yet?

And as though it wasn’t bad enough that we tried to block a resolution that the entire rest of the world accepted and was based on over forty years of scientific inquiry, on top of that we bullied Ecuador into dropping its role as the country to introduce the resolution. Threatened them with withdrawing military and financial support.  Ecuador caved. Then Russia picked up the resolution and introduced it. And surprise, surprise, our cowardly bully in chief never said a threatening word to them.  You know, in case you wonder if he is really on the Kremlin’s payroll.

So congratulations, America. The POS currently sullying the White House has praised the worse dictators and human rights violators in the world while picking a fight with Canada and opposing good nutrition for children. Winning!