She fits right in

News excerpt about the female Russian spy recently indicted:

“The gun-loving Russian woman charged with being an unregistered foreign agent and cozying up to politicians to infiltrate the U.S. political system tried to swap sex for influence, prosecutors alleged Wednesday.”

Is there anyone left alive on this earth who is surprised that sex was being used for influence in this administration? Isn’t inappropriate sex of just about every form and shape imaginable the hallmark of Orange Goo’s supplicants as they destroy our country? It started with Goo and seems to have happily spread throughout his acolytes. That the NRA, that final bastion of last century’s white male attitude of supremacy (and seemingly overwhelmed with male Republican members), was the target of these efforts is hardly surprising. It’s like when you go hunting. If you can find a herd of whatever you want to kill, you have a better chance of hitting something when you shoot. But if you just have one target, the chances of failure are greatly enhanced.

So this 21st Century Natasha (c’mon, Natasha and Boris? Squirrel and moose?) went straight to the heart of the herd. Want to find a male Republican politician to seduce for influence? What better place than anyplace the NRA gathers? No matter which way she sprayed her pheromones, they were bound to hit some old white guy who would sell out his country for sex.

Oh wait, did I say “would”? I might have meant wouldn’t. Give me a day or so and I’ll let you know if I’m told I misspoke or not.