Please stop picking on them

In a world full of nuclear weapons, racial hate, national divide and neighborly distrust, do we really need that POS currently sullying the White House to be focusing on the NFL. I mean, no offense to the NFL. I gather from the madness surrounding the Super Bowl that it has a lot of fairly fanatical fans. And good for them.

But there are also a lot of us out here who don’t really give a crap. Which is why POS’ focus on whether or not a player is kneeling or standing during the national anthem is really just another attempt to distract us from the fact that he is a treasonous tool of Vladimir Putin who will sell America out in a heartbeat if that’s what he’s told to do.

Here’s my position on this clearly critical issue to that POS – patriotism is stepping up and answering your country’s call when it comes. Not ducking behind bone spurs. Patriotism is having the guts to face a foreign leader in public and calling them out for their interference in our elections. Patriotism is paying a little extra to have your fucking MAGA hats for your re-election made in America and not China. Patriotism is not screwing  American soybean farmers with your stupid ass trade war. Oh – you didn’t hear? Yeah, Russia and China have just signed a trade deal that cuts out American soybean farmers.

So let’s get this straight. Whether you stand, sit, kneel or fart during the national anthem has nothing to do with patriotism. Orange Goo is pushing this issue to obfuscate the fact that he is a traitor to our country, its values, its beliefs, its ideals.

Isn’t it bad enough that all those football players know they will die young from concussion syndrome? Do they have to suffer through this shit too?