God how I miss them

Did you see the video of Biden and Obama in the bakery run by military vets? My heart broke with longing for the decency, respect, kindness and honor they brought to their positions – none of which the current POS sullying the White House does.

I mean, seriously, POS thought he needed ID to buy groceries. Does this not tell us all we need to know about his connection to the “common” man – you know, the guy his newest tax scam will again leave out in the cold while providing billions to billionaires. Yep, in case you missed the numbers being generated by economists, inflation has wiped out any gains the middle class might have gained by the cuts. And, oh yeah, you know how those corporate tax breaks were going to translate into more jobs and higher pay? Didn’t happen. Almost across the board, the corporations used that money to buy back stock and give their shareholders a big dividend.

Sorry, little man. In case you haven’t figure this out yet, you are nothing but scum to be wiped off the boot of the rich and powerful in this administration. No one in power in DC is watching out for you. They are only pretending. Because when they retire from elected office, it is these rich people, not you, who will give them high paying jobs so they too can benefit from all the tax breaks they’ve given to the rich.

Yeah, I miss Biden and Obama. Whether you agreed with them or not, at least they brought a level of decency and morals to Washington that are now completely missing. They are honorable human beings who know that they don’t need ID to buy groceries. Their kids didn’t get jobs at the White House for which they weren’t qualified just to add some more money to the family pot. Their wives were never photographed naked in a lesbian love triangle position. In fact, their wives actually seemed to love them, something POS would not know about. They made us proud on the international stage. They caused the world to look at us with respect, wanting our leadership.

Now the world looks at us and thinks we’ve collectively lost our minds. They no longer respect us. They no longer view us as that shiny city on a hill. They no longer view us as a bastion of liberty and a defender of democracy. We no longer lead the world because the clown leading us has made us a frightening laughing stock that has a nuclear stockpile that the egomaniac in charge could set off at a moment’s notice if he so chose. No wall will protect us from that fall out.

Finally, just to be sure we all know the statistics – illegal immigration from our southern border had been on the decline for years before this racist POS started hammering on it as a way to engage his racist base. Just so you know.