Does he even get the irony

I know the  glop of Orange Goo currently sullying the White House is one of the duller pencils in any given box. And I know there is no sharpener that can help him. But seriously, does he really not get the irony of using Twitter to complain about social media cutting off conservative voices? Is he really that thick?

Ok, ok. I think we all know the answer to that.

Here’s the thing. That idiot from InfoWars, in an earlier time, would have been committed to a mental institution and kept there for a long, long time. Unless, of course, this is all an act to make him millions of dollars off the poor schmucks he’s conning into buying his fake health care products.

Don’t get me wrong. I am well aware there were crazy people on the air promoting their bizarre views on life from pretty much the first day that radio and/or TV existed. And before that – well, there is a reason everyone recognizes the characters in those old cartoons where a man is standing on a box at a street corner promulgating his timetable for the end of the world.

But InforWars crazy guy goes that one step too far. He faces reality, calls it a sham and then makes up his own facts that are supported by nothing but the hot air coming out his blowhole. And those alternative universes he proclaims often hurt real people who are already dealing with some of life’s greatest tragedies.

I do not blame any media outlet that doesn’t want to carry a broadcast in which the murder of innocent children and their teachers is promoted as fake actors playing out a fake massacre. Those mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, parents and grandparents who felt the agony of loss that day should not have to hear to this half assed, hate filled, money hungry jerk call their pain fake and their loss a cover up.

From what I’ve seen of this idiot, I’m willing to bet that he knows what he’s selling is a sham but he keeps selling it because even bigger idiots out there keep buying it. And  it’s both his totally fake theories on life and the totally fake products he sells that are making him millions.

So if he wants to continue to have his voice heard, I suggest he get a box and go stand on a street corner. He should probably bring an umbrella to save himself from all the tomatoes that will be launched in his direction. But as for Facebook and all those other social platforms that have banned him – get over it, asshole. You sell hate and they don’t want to be your broker.