POS’ disapproval rating soared to 60%. Clearly he is making America great again if only by forcing us to find our moral center and take a stand against his moral center.

Here’s the thing though. If all those people who disapprove of him don’t vote, they’ll be able to disapprove of him for a lot longer than most of us would wish. And if history is any guide, they won’t. The majority of Americans sit on their hands during most elections and then bitch after it’s over that they don’t like the results. They then use that fact to justify not voting the next time on the theory that they never get the outcome they want anyway.

I find people who don’t vote as morally reprehensible as I find the POS currently sullying America’s reputation throughout the world. These people live in an amazing country that, up until the past couple of years, was a country that welcomed people of all shapes, sizes and color and gave them a chance to improve their lot in life. Was it a perfect country? No, of course not. Some people had it easier than others to make their mark and claim their piece of heaven. But everyone at least had a chance.

Then this POS comes along and makes us into fools in the eyes of anyone with any level of common sense and decency.

Finally, the majority of Americans have had it and disapprove of his actions. But the only way they can truly show that disapproval is by voting him and his minions out of office. So come this fall, I want to see that 60% making their views known at the ballot box. Otherwise, they are just more cyphers in the army of indifference that seems to be the voting population of this country.