Now we are getting beyond scary

Don’t know how you feel about it, but the Kavanaugh hearings scare me a lot and POS’ tweet this weekend implying that justice should take off her blindfold and prosecute based on political affiliation REALLY scares me.

We may not be a banana republic yet, but we are being led by an idiot who would be very comfortable being the dictator of one. And he is clearly trying to turn this great country into a banana republic dictatorship in which he would rule supreme.

If you ever wondered about the greatness of our constitution and its checks and balances, now is the time to pray that the people in Congress uphold that greatness and resist any attempt to circumvent its protections… ok, I’m joking. We all know that those clowns in charge of the Congress right now will not do a damn thing as they watch their Supreme Leader try to destroy all our constitutional safeguards. So long as their monied overlords get whatever they want, they’ll watch our country go to the devil and never say a word.

I can’t believe it’s come down to this but… oh god, the words I am about to write… our only hope is that Jeff Sessions has enough of a backbone to protect his department and it’s independence from political pressure.

Based on that fact, I think I can safely say, we are all doomed.