Lisa or Sarah – there is no difference

Lisa Murkowski will vote “present” on Kavanaugh. She won’t vote “no” so as to not upset her Republican buddies. So the reality is that Lisa is not an independent. She is a Republican who tries to hide it so that she can keep getting re-elected by Alaskans who keep hoping she’ll be a true independent. Word of advice to those Alaskans – she hasn’t been in the past and she won’t be in the future. She will do whatever she has to in order to maintain her power. She is no different than any other two bit politician who is available to the highest donor.

So when Sarah Palin hints that she might run against her when she’s up for re-election, I can’t get all up in a tizzy at the thought of Palin representing us in the Senate. It would merely be an equal trade. The only difference is that Sarah wears who and what she is on her chest in bright blinking letters while Lisa tries to hide behind the guise of being an independent. She’s just Sarah hiding in another outfit.

So Sarah or Lisa – makes no difference. So long as their Republican overlords tell them what to do, they will do it and be damned the well being of this country, its standing in the world or the need for its institutions to be considered honorable and above board.

America is dying. We are keeping her on life support right now but if we don’t find a cure quick, we can all bend over and kiss it goodbye. Remember this on election day.