Anal bleaching – something else I don’t understand

Ok, so why exactly does anyone need their asshole bleached? I mean, seriously, if your lover is complaining about it then he is spending far too much time observing when he could be much more productively occupied.

If you are complaining about your own asshole, you can see things on your body that remain a complete mystery to me. It’s like back in the day when someone thought it was a good idea for me to see my vagina in a mirror. It didn’t work no matter how upside down I tried to make my head.

And finally, if you are doing it because it shows when you go out, then you need to reconsider your clothing choices – bikini and otherwise. No one wants to see an exposed asshole on the beach or the red carpet whether it’s been bleached or not.

So I go back to my original question – who decided we needed to bleach our assholes and how much money did they make selling a product that would do just that?