I have not missed voting in any election I can remember from the time I was first eligible to vote. I grew up knowing that my family came from Italy to make a better life for themselves and that it was America that allowed us to do so. And I was raised to believe I should honor America and what it stood for and voting was absolutely essential to doing that. So I vote every time there is an election.

I’ve never understood the people who don’t vote. Do they really just not give a shit? Do they really think this democracy is anything but a thin veneer hiding some very ugly human impulses that arise when some people smell power? Because voting truly is the one and only way citizens of this great land can make their voices heard to keep that veneer in place and provide some check on dictatorial impulses. So long as we can vote to change our leadership when it no longer pleases us, for that long will America actually exist.

So for those people who don’t vote because they are too tired or too busy or it doesn’t matter enough to them, let me say this. If and when this grand country goes down the toilet because you let some pretty horrible people determine who would be in charge, I hope you’re happy because you destroyed your country through your indifference and neglect.

I voted already. Did you? Have you carved time out of your day on Tuesday to vote or will you just ignore the whole voting thing and then bitch about the results?

Donald Trump will not destroy America. Americans too apathetic to vote will.