Mass shootings, The Little Elf, the election hangover

So are we safer yet? Have all the guns and assault rifles made us safer yet? Because that’s what gun advocates and the NRA has been telling us for years. Put enough guns in enough hands and no one will dare shoot and, if they do, they will be killed by everyone shooting back. School, church, outdoor concert – doesn’t matter where. Just arm everyone to the nth degree and then sit back and watch the safety happen…

Funny thing is, in those countries with strict gun control laws, mass shootings hardly ever happen. Countries like England and Sweden, democracies, not dictatorships where the government is merely trying to keep guns from people who want to overthrow them. If sensible gun control doesn’t work – and I do mean sensible, like no one with a diagnosed mental illness gets to buy a gun or no one buys a gun online or at a gun show that doesn’t get registered or no one gets to own an assault rifle that can fire so rapidly that 20 people can be dead before anyone else even realizes what’s happening – you know, those kind of gun laws – then why do they seem to work so well everywhere else in the world?

But between the NRA and munition makers, we don’t stand a chance of sensible gun laws being put into place. Instead, we have an administration that uses scare tactics to frighten Americans into thinking that their only protection is to arm our fellow Americans to the teeth. Which, of course, leads to the question of how safe that makes us when every mass shooting this year has been carried out by a white man.

Now for the little elf that ran the Justice Department. He is a horrible man who put in horrible policies, especially towards immigrants. So no tears shed at his departure. On the other hand, POS will now put in a person who will protect him and not this country and its laws. That sucks.

Finally, the elections. They are over. And no one in America is coming together for anything no matter how many pious platitudes are voiced by the politicians heading to DC. America is divided and there is no one to bring us together. The POS currently sullying the White House does everything he can to divide us even further with his hateful rhetoric and constant denigration of people who want nothing more than the chance his grandparents had to build a better life for themselves.

So let’s all stop pretending that the next two years will contain anything more than the constant hate spewing from his mouth that will keep Americans divided and angry.

Happy beginning of the holiday season. At least the political ads are done with until January when the 2020 presidential campaign goes into full swing.