Happy snow storms, lower 48!

The snow that we here in Anchorage would kill to have has moved to the lower 48. We get a rainy, icy winter and they get all the snow.

People outside of Alaska might not understand this but a lot of people actually live here because they like winter and winter sports. They like all kinds of skiing and skidooing and ice skating. They like walking in the woods when the bears are asleep. They love the whiteness of winter when it first covers our trees and roads.

But this year, god has given all that beauty to the lower 48. All that is left for us is a snow/rain/freeze cycle that amuses no one and creates the kind of hazardous walking and driving conditions that give life on the Last Frontier its biggest challenges – getting to work without putting your car in a ditch, getting across that parking lot without giving yourself a concussion by slipping on the ice, trying to convince your dogs that this is just not walking weather then watching them pathetically try to get across the ice and fail miserably.

Give us back our winter, you lower 48 denizens. Stop hogging it all. Some of us would appreciate that snow. It’s bad enough we only get a few hours of light a day during this time of the year. Do we really have to suffer on top of that with ugly streets covered in ice with dirty snow patches?

Give us back our winter!