Way to go, Alaskans

OK, so maybe every election cycle we send Dopey Don back to Congress. And maybe we actually think cold and snow are desirable weather conditions. And maybe we think bunny boots can be part of a formal wear ensemble. But here’s what we also do – we take care of each other.

For those of you in the outside world who haven’t noticed, there was no rioting and looting here after the earthquake. What there was, what Alaskans did instead of looting and rioting, was open up their homes and hearts to anyone who needed help, from shelter to food to just coming over to help you sweep up the glass.

Here’s something else the outside world may not have noticed – by the next day, except for some pesky road problems, we were back to pretty much normal. My grocery store which had its windows shattered and its facade of bricks fall off was back in business as though nothing had ever happened. Only sign of the destruction was the plywood where windows used to be.  Gas stations were pumping gas with no problem. The malls were open for Christmas shopping and as packed as expected. And, perhaps most important to Alaskans, the coffee kiosks were up and running as usual.

That’s how we roll in Alaska. We take the hits and keep on going. We help each other. We knock on neighbors’ doors to make sure they’re ok. We hug our scared pets and put dinner on the stove. Because we’re Alaskans and it takes a lot more than a 7.0 to throw us off our game. (Please Mother Nature, do not take that as a challenge!)

Now if those aftershocks could just stop so I don’t have to grab the dogs and duck under the table so many times every day that would be great. My knees and hips are starting to protest. And my dogs are starting to look at me funny.